Meet Typetweets. Typetweets displays the last 100 tweets from Twitter that mentioned a typographic related term for your viewing pleasure. These tweets range from humorous, to useless, to providing hours of fun with links to other sites. It’s really up to the community at large to determine the quality of its contents at any given time, but that’s what keeps things fresh.

Typetweets does have quite a few bugs left in it (in fact, I haven’t looked at it in Internet Explorer yet!), so pardon the occasional rogue non-typographic tweet, display bug, etc. To be completely honest, this is what they call an alpha version or a proof of concept. But it’s still good fun to play with in my humble opinion, even in its rough form.

I apologize for the lack of recent reviews (moving tends to destroy any semblance of a schedule), but rest assured things will be back to normal very quickly. I’ll be posting more about Typetweets on Astheria in the near future, but for now, feel free to voice your thoughts on it here. Enjoy!

  1. Darren Hoyt

    Pretty cool - this will be a nice way to find new designers to follow, based on their tastes for/knowledge of typography (ex: #jontangerine and #ilovetypography).

    Typetweets displays the last 100 tweets from Twitter that mentioned a typographic related term

    How are the terms defined, out of curiosity?

  2. Joey

    So many typography links via so many different tweets… awesome! As always, really nice job, Kyle.

    Now if only I had Lucida Fax on my computer… ;)

  3. inspirationbit

    oh, no! I’m ruined! How am I supposed to get any work done if there are 100 tweets to check out on typography?! This is one wicked project, Kyle. Great job.

  4. Eren Emre Kanal

    Yay! That’s so cool. But we need a rss for this lovely thing.

  5. Kyle Meyer

    Hi Eren, an RSS feed is a definite must have feature, I agree. I’ll see about cooking it up soon. :)

  6. Sander

    Great tool! On which font keywords did you search twitter? And will there be a filter function? I don’t think a rss feature will add something to this tool, simply because 100 items in rss in my reader everyday is not readable.

    For a bit of more type fun check.. http://type.salsen.com/

    Thanks again Kyle, great tool!

  7. Kyle Meyer

    @Darren and @Sander: Twitter has some strange limits on search terms (I think 11?), but I have some plans for a work around to include more terms. There will be filtering in some form, because some people just hate Helvetica. ;)

  8. Nicola

    Arial is god.

    I kid :P I followed your shameless plug via MSN Kyle, now give me a cookie.

  9. Leon P

    Ooooohhhh - that’s great fun, and a great idea. (Apologies for needlessly putting myself on the page, but I couldn’t resist).

  10. Tiffylou

    How did you do that?

  11. Deshi

    Do you mind sharing what’s under the hood?

  12. MeBut


  13. Alex Holt

    Hey Kyle,

    Nice site. Kinda similar to something i built myself ;) http://monitter.com

    Shameless plug aside, i’m also curious to know how you implemented it.. if you’re searching for a finite set of terms, then the 11 term limit wont matter at all, you should just have a server side script that grabs each term individually and stores them in a database that will index them by twitter id (so you don’t get double ups)… then your page can reference the data in your local database, you’ll nevere hit the twitter limits that way…

    Also, if you have the data locally cached in a DB.. then setting up an RSS feed would be a trivial matter too ;)

    Anyhow.. good work :) love it.

  14. Luke

    Very nice!

  15. Quakeulf

    Blog about your guinea pig sometime. =3

  16. paul

    more typographic terms would make this site more interesting.

  17. Khayyam Wakil

    A brilliant way to connect like minds. I look forward to the stream and appreciating how beautiful all the sites that are associated to Type Tweets are. Magnificence.

  18. anon

    I just found your site and the very first link I clicked (the headline was something like 13 websites with great typography) sent me to a site with naked men advertising for male enhancement pills. Just FYI. You need to figure out how to control content before I’d check this out again.

  19. Kyle Meyer

    @anon: I apologize for this happening and have modified the code to restrict those particular tweets. Unfortunately, there is little I can do to monitor every single tweet that comes through, in fact, I can’t. I appreciate you letting me know, however.

  20. Mo

    A beautifully constructed site. Just posted at moluv.com.

  21. Aaron Mc Adam

    hey Kyle, where’s that RSS feed buddy?! hehe awesome work tho :D

  22. Aaron Mc Adam

    I forgot to say, I love Typesites :D

  23. Michelle

    fantastic! (and lovely too)

    I would like to see an RSS feed for this too!